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    2. Poetry

      • Frances Revel

        April 10, 2019
        Child Dancer on Sundays Though I am Dull, my concerns Are effusive. My hour the early             Hour of prime             And blush. My spine climbs             Its planar landscape. Hands                         Curled over the barre, I practice                                     Everything [...]
      • Thea Brown

        April 10, 2019

        When I take my prescriptions I halve them carefully with the edge of a slanted tweezer blade. Call this predictable; I call it intimate. […]

      • Ra Malika Imhotep

        April 10, 2019

        The day I am officially screened
        for bipolar disorder
        I feel most alive –
        alert to the way air moves […]


      Fiction/Creative Nonfiction

      • Adam Hamze

        March 30, 2016

        i have seen my lifeless body. it has its own name that sounds nothing like mine. it lives in the bathroom stall of some restaurant, bloody & left behind. in the ditch down the street from the university, rain falling on its silence. […]

      • SJ Sindu

        March 23, 2016
      • Mary Jean Murphy

        March 11, 2016


      Poem of the Week

      • Danielle Mitchell

        August 12, 2018

        Results: Danielle Mitchell is an actress known for
        Cold Squad & Genie in the House known for

        a widowed father & two teenage daughters who […]


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